Garden Tidy Double Door

Tongue & Groove Storage Solution


  • approx. 19mm x 125mm T&G shiplap cladding (finished at approx 16mm) -
  • approx. 38mm x 50mm prepared framing
  • Includes 20kg green mineral roofing felt, hasp & staple, all fittings and instructions for self-erection
  • T&G floor and roof
  • Height 3'4" - 3'9"

Sizes Available

4' 6" x 2' 6"

Size conversion: Length x Width

4'6" x 2'6" 1.2mtr x 0.76mtr

Variations of this building are:

  • Treated with a quality spirit based treatment

Price includes delivery (within the UK)  We offer an erecting service, please call 01322 229521.