Chalet style summerhouse.


  • Thicker than average tongue and groove shiplap including floor and roof
  • Small pane opening window
  • Joinery made single door and decorative hinges and handle
  • 300mm roof overhang with shaped front fascias
  • Angled sides
  • 15mm cladding
  • Eaves height 1.8mtr
  • Framing 45mm x 34mm
  • Mortice lock with key
  • Door width 760mm x Height 1800mm

Size conversions: Length x Width x Height

8’ x 6’ 2.4mtr x 1.8mtr x 2.4mtr
8’ x 8’ 2.4mtr x 2.4mtr x 2.4mtr
8’ x 10’ 2.4mtr x 3mtr x 2.4mtr
10’ x 6’ 3mtr x 1.8mtr x 2.5mtr
10’ x 8’ 3mtr x 2.4mtr x 2.5mtr
10’ x 10’ 3mtr x 3mtr x 2.5mtr
10’ x 12’ 3mtr x 3.6mtr x 2.5mtr

Variations of this building are:

  • Nine pane side window
  • Felt tiles
  • Window box
  • Loglap cladding

Should you require any variation to the above picture, please call 01322 229521.


Price: £1,101.00